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Frank Kearney, MBA, CPA, CA

Interact Direct Marketing Inc

"Earlier this year, we needed to buy a new $500,000 facility with almost immediate occupancy to replace rented premises. Frank took on the financing part of the project and in less than three weeks prepared a current year financial projection, a two year financial plan / budget, related cash flow statements and a mortgage and operating loan submission for consideration by our bankers. Frank then negotiated loan terms with our bankers. As I was travelling for most of this time, Frank built on our discussions regarding longer term strategies and consulted with my staff to prepare the loan application document which completely satisfied our bankers. I am delighted with Frank's consulting work on this project."

Jeff Bisset, President 2006

London Health Sciences Foundation

"Frank did an excellent job addressing Foundation needs... He simplified and made major improvements to the Foundation's infrastructure,..., designed and implemented privacy practices ..., designed and put into practice a new human resource program..., improved the communication between the Foundation and the Hospital..(and) tightened internal controls. Frank is a hard working, dedicated and professional individual who has a wide and varied skill set. ... Frank's solid finance and operations background, his broad work experience and practical approach to problem solving make him an asset to any organization" You can click here to review Frank's London Health Sciences Foundation employment experience.

Don Livingstone, President and Chief Executive Officer 2005